Our Classic Rose Body Scrub has the most romantic of all scents. Think of all your Valentines in one and you're half way there. Rose is the classic of all body scents and has been for thousands of years. And who are we to argue with history! Rose moisturises, reduces age spots, aids collagen production and so much more. A delightful blend of sweet almond oil, shea butter, jojoba and vitamin e oils and 100% pure rose oil, all blended together with exfoliating Himalayan pink sea salt and dried rose petals. This scrub will leave you believing every day is Valentines day! Presented in a bamboo lidded glass with a cute wooden ladle and topped with whole dried rose buds, this scrub an asset to any bathroom decor. A list of the benefits of our ingredients is listed under 'OUR INGREDIENTS'. Please be aware that product is not suitable for those with nut allergies. Refills available at £16 under the 'SCRUB REFILLS' category. Approx weight 280g