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Who are naked niceties?
Naked Niceties strives to give everybody the skin they deserve.  

Everybody needs to be pampered at times and our 'Spa in a Jar' scrub does just that.

Whether it's a gift for that someone special or a treat for yourself, just because you deserve it, there's a scrub to suit you and your lifestyle. 

Naked Niceties is a bit different from many scrubs on the market.  We don't want the love to end once you've used up the product, so all our scrubs come in reusable and recyclable packaging.  Choose from coconut shell bowls with crafted coconut spoons or bamboo lidded glass jars with cute wooden ladles. All of which can be used time and time again.  Use them to make candles, store jewellery, add pot pourri or even just buy a scrub refill from us at a reduced cost.

Whatever you choose its a win win situation with Naked Niceties. 

We just love to use organic and natural ingredients.  Our butters and oils are perfect for softening and soothing tired or dry skin.  Our pink himalayan sea salt contain minerals that exfoliate away any rough patches. A full list of our ingredients and their benefits can be found on 'Our Ingredients' page.

We really appreciate you checking out our website and just know you will find the perfect blend.
Our values

Naked Niceties prides itself on using natural and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging. All our scrubs are produced freshly with natural preservatives so we can ensure the highest quality. Every single ingredient is organic, vegan and natural. No additives, no plastics - just pure unadulterated luxury. We will create a product as natural and special as you are.  Then it's shipped to you in ecofriendly, sustainable and biodegradable packaging.  Right down to the tape we use!

Every pampering product is made under strict hygienic conditions where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

Our scrubs have been rigorously tested and safety assessed so you can be sure you are buying the finest in excellence.

Every product is created freshly by hand with thought and care and precise attention to detail making them perfect for gifts as well as personal use.

Our customers are what makes our business work and we are strong believers in keeping them happy and satisfied.

We will always do everything we can to assist with enquires and ensure everyone is totally satisfied with the end result.
Our ingredients Our ingredients Our ingredients

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Enriched with minerals perfect for exfoliating the skin, our Himalayan pink sea salt is premium quality and 100% organic.
It's benefits include: Detoxifying skin
Balancing PH levels
Skin softening 
Calms skin irritation 
Relieves aches and pains

Crushed Hemp Seeds

100% freshly crushed organic hemp seeds are great for exfoliating. During crushing they release hemp oil which has amazing benefits (see below).

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant through cold-pressing.
It's benefits include:
Anti inflammatory
Soothes irritation
Moisturises without clogging pores
Boosts oxygenation of skin
Helps prevent premature aging

Coconut Oil

Derived from pressing coconuts, this oil has a huge array of delights.
We only use 100% organic vegan coconut oil in our scrubs.
Its benefits include:
Skin softening 
Antibacterial and anti inflammatory 
Reduces premature aging 
Moisture retaining

Sweet Almond Oil

Containing Omega 3 fatty acids, sweet almond oil is a tried and tested moisturising oil.
It's benefits include:
Reducing scarring and blemishes, including stretchmarks
Helps reverse sun damage
Improves complexion 
Treats dry skin

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes and contains high levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid which help unclog pores.
Its benefits include:
Antimicrobial properties 
Tightens skin
Is a known astringent 
Reduces dryness

Jojoba Oil

Derived from the jojoba plant and packed full of beautiful skin benefits including:
Treating acne
Prevents infection 
Fantastic moisturiser
Natural sunscreen

Vitamin E Oil

Derived from vegetable oils, vitamin e is a potent magic ingredient in all our scrubs.
It's benefits include:
Fighting wrinkles 
Nourishing the skin
Reducing scars and stretchmarks 
Helps with hyperpigmentation
Strengthening skins barriers

Lemon Oil

Cold pressed directly from the lemon, this oil is not only invigorating but so beneficial to your skin and mental wellbeing.
It's benefits include:
Aids anti aging and restores lacklustre skin
Hydrating properties
Clarifies skin with antioxidants and vitamin C
Antiseptic properties

Rose Oil

The most romantic of scents has many more benefits, these include:
Aiding collagen production
Moisturises and brightens skin
Reduces age spots, scars and stretchmarks
Packed with vitamins A and C and antioxidants

Lavender Oil 

Famous for it's relaxing aroma, there is more to lavender than you probably realise.
It's benefits include:
Increases skin luminosity
Natural mood booster and painkiller
Reduces wrinkles
Balances PH levels
Naturally antibacterial

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is an essential oil derived from the white flowers of the common jasmine plant and has amazing skin benefits including:
Naturally antiseptic
May help with psoriasis
Assists with wound healing
Can decrease menopausal symptoms

Orange Oil

Orange oil is extracted directly from the zest of the orange.  It has many benefits including:
Reducing anxiety & depression
Antibacterial and antifungal
Anti inflammatory
Treats insomnia
Reduces dark spots and blemishes via vitamin C
Enhances the skin cell rejuvenation

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids. Extracted from the cocoa bean and 100% pure, it's benefits include:
High in antioxidants 
Locks in moisture 
Improves appearance of scars 
Protection against UV rays 
Helps prevent aging

Shea Butter

An oil rich in fats that is derived from the karite tree (also known as the shea tree) shea butter benefits include:
Moisturises dry skin
Treats acne and blemishes
Reduces skin inflammation
Helps prevent aging
Anti inflammatory 
Restores elasticity of skin 
Helps reduce stretchmarks
No, we would never test our products on our furry friends.  Nor would we use ingredients that have been tested in that way.  We prefer to let our products be tested on our human friends and family.
We are 100% insured for all our products.  We are cosmetically safety assessed so you can rest assured our customers safety is paramount for us.
Naked Niceties only uses ingredients from reputable sources. All 100% organic, eco friendly and sustainable retailers. Why use additives when nature provides everything we need.

Of course, this is one way you can save money and the planet. And they're sold at a reduced price too.
Within the UK our flat rate is £3.95.
Orders over £50 will receive free shipping.
Outside the UK shipping will depend on destination so please contact us before purchasing. 
We ship with Royal Mail.
All scrubs are made fresh to order so including shipping we advise approximately a week. However, if you require a quicker turnaround please let us know and we will try to accommodate.
Of course.  Just send us a message and we can provide any amount in multiples of £10.  We can post these out or provide an e-voucher, whichever you prefer.
Unfortunately not.  With so many of our oils and butters derived from seeds and nuts, it is best if nut allergy sufferers steer clear. Our packaging will be labeled as 'contains nut products'.
Our oils and salts are natural preservatives and hence will stay in usable condition for some time. We do however, advise you to use your scrub within 3 months of purchase.
It depends on the customer but we would advise once or twice a week. But see how your skin feels, it's very much what suits you personally. 
Yes, just sit in a robe or towel and get comfy for a while. The oil will soak in and hydrate your skin like never before.  Pop a pair of cotton socks on and your feet will thank you for it.
This totally depends on the sensitivity of your face and how hard you like to scrub.  All the ingredients are totally natural and organic so there are no nasty additives that may cause flair ups, but you may feel that the sea salt or the natural adds such as zest or hemp seeds are a little harsh for the face.  If you want  to try then please take care and scrub gently and do a small test patch first.
Yes, please contact us directly with any business enquiries or opportunities
Most definitely! No nasty plastics here. Everything is compostable and biodegradable. 
We use eco padded envelopes, recycled paper padded wrap and even biodegradable bags for our refills.
Just drop us a message on our 'Contact Us' page or click on the email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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daisiedooskates (Instagram)


Wow wow wow ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We have had the most gorgeous little mini spa tonight and it has ended just perfectly by us all being able to use this absolutely beautiful ‘coconut dream’ body scrub We only wish we had smell-o-vision so you could smell this summer in a jar scrub!🌞 Made with nothing but organic and natural ingredients this is suitable for everyone.. this was enriched with cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin e and jojoba oil Thank you so so much @nakedniceties for gifting us this gorgeous bath scrub... huge five stars from us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

mummaslittlecreations_ (Instagram)


what a gorgeous delivery! so well wrapped and packaged, even with a little spoon & tiny slice of lemon 🍋 i wasn’t expecting such a lovely #gifted parcel ~ thank you!! @nakedniceties it smells absolutely amazing, you all must try 😍 head over and check them out, something a little different and I promise you won’t be disappointed ☺️🤍

mummy_wears_the_crown (Instagram)


I just love vegan beauty products! Ever since I worked in a beauty salon that only used natural beauty ingredients, I have never looked back. Therefore, I was excited to receive this lovely #gifted classic rose vegan body scrub from @nakedniceties It came beautifully packaged with a cute wooden spoon and even has rose petals in. 🌹 - It smells gorgeous and left my skin feeling super smooth all over. It really is a ‘Spar in a Jar!’ Thank you very much @nakedniceties - Please check their page. Products come in either coconut shells 🥥 or bamboo lidded glass jars which makes them a little bit different.

Minirod2021 (Instagram)


I was so lucky to receive this amazing Coconut Scrub ! So nice to be able to pamper myself for once 🤣 The scrub smells divine and has left my legs feeling really smooth! Have a look at this lovely lady's page . Can't wait to use it again ❤

Koral G


Absolutely UNREAL I highly recommend!! My skin has improved so much in a short space of time. I always tend to get bad reactions from certain scrubs that I use , However nakedniceties Products are a 100% organic and natural. The products left my skin feeling silky , fresh and Smooth!!. Did I mention that all of the Packaging is absolutely STUNNING and is friendly to the environment . I suffered severely for years with bad acne and really bad eczema, i used the coconut dream scrub over a period of five days, I kid you not my acne has dried out and has nearly completely gone and as for my eczema I don’t even know eczema is anymore I will not go anywhere else from now on apart from NAKEDNICETIES x

Dean T


Due to having an issue with dry skin. I tried major.brand moisturiser and scrubs but still had issues. I was recommended to try naked niceties and contacted them for information. I got a great reply and purchased some product and have noticed a 70% improvement in my skin. Highly recommended naked niceties as their products are all natural.

Ben G


Great products great prices. I feel rejuvenated after using mine. Thank you Naked Niceties.

Charlotte T


Will defo be shopping again. Thanks guys 5 stars from me

James R


Extremely professional and high quality products. Will definitely buy frequently

Martin H


Lovely products will definitely buy again hands feel lovely from plastering . Fast shipping great products.

Bill C


How can you perfect perfection Great company and great service will definitely reorder.

Anne K


I can highly recommend the scrubs, great for dry skin without being greasy. The service was incredible - thank you so much A xx

Ian B



Robyn M


Recommended on Facebook.

Susan C


I've used a couple of the body scrubs and really can't decide which is my favourite. They all make my skin smooth and all smell lovely. I've bought a couple as presents too and they have always been greatly received. I really like the idea that everything is natural and can be recycled. Keep up the good work.

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